Herd of bighorn sheep; the sheep in front is wearing a GPS tracking collar around its neck

Photo credit: Utah DWR

The Amazing Trace: protecting wildlife by using technology

Posted Dec. 2, 2022

“With [geofencing], we’re … able to identify barriers to wildlife migration, monitor access to food resources, track and mitigate disease transmission, investigate causes of death and more. …

“We’ve built a geofencing feature into our wildlife tracking system that sends notifications to biologists and managers when a GPS-collared animal exits or enters a specified geographic boundary. This virtual fencing technology combines a high level of location accuracy, real-time data uploading and automated alerts for individual animals we’ve fitted with GPS collars. For herd animals like bighorn sheep, mule deer or elk, a representative number of collared animals can also indicate the probable movements of larger herd groups.”

Read more at https://wildlife.utah.gov/news/wildlife-blog/1560-amazing-trace-protecting-wildlife-by-using-technology.html