The Wildlife Migration Initiative needs your help

Right now, there are many species whose movements we know little, if anything, about. The lack of information for these species inhibits our ability to effectively manage and conserve their populations, especially with all the change occurring in the state.

The Utah Wildlife Migration Initiative is a grassroots effort that is primarily funded by the contributions of partners. Donations go directly toward funding the capture and monitoring of wildlife species that spend at least part of the year in Utah.

The cost of tracking devices can be substantial for some species (more than $4,000), which is why we are asking for your help to fund these important projects. Generally, every dollar you donate can be matched with $3 or more from other partners and federal aid. This means that a donation of $25 is the equivalent of donating $100 to wildlife conservation.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today that will preserve Utah’s wildlife heritage for generations to come.