Hand holding a phone with the Roadkill Reporter app

Photo credit: Utah DWR

DWR, UDOT release new app to allow public to report roadkill

Posted Dec. 8, 2022

“The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Utah Department of Transportation are working to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions by building wildlife crossing structures on roads across Utah. But because these collisions unfortunately still occur from time to time, the agencies are making it easier for people to provide information about dead animals on Utah roads through the release of a new app: the Utah Roadkill Reporter.

“The new Utah Roadkill Reporter app … will allow people to easily report the location and description of any dead animals they see on or near roads, so those animals can be removed more quickly from highways and freeways by DWR and UDOT employees who have access to the data…

“‘It is important for us to understand how many wildlife-vehicle collisions occur in Utah,’ DWR Utah Migration Initiative Coordinator Blair Stringham said. ‘This new app will allow us to know exactly when and where collisions occur, which will help us identify hot spot areas on Utah highways. We can then work with UDOT and other partners to install underpasses, fencing, wildlife overpasses and other structures to reduce collisions in those areas and keep wildlife and people safe.'”

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Download the app for iOS and Android.