Kokanee salmon cam at Strawberry Reservoir

Uploaded Sept. 22, 2022

For a prime example of seasonal aquatic migration, watch the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources’ livestream of kokanee salmon traveling up the Strawberry River to the mouth of Strawberry Reservoir.

“In September and October, kokanee salmon — which are a shade of silver most of the year — change to a bright red before they travel up rivers and streams to spawn. Their red color makes the fish easy to spot in the waters where they lay their eggs. The males also acquire humped backs, hooked jaws and elongated teeth during their spawning transformation…

“We look forward to the kokanee migration,” said DWR Northeastern Region Outreach Manager Tonya Kieffer-Selby, “as it’s a great symbol of the changing seasons and an indication that autumn is here.”

Read more at https://wildlife.utah.gov/news/utah-wildlife-news/1498-where-you-can-see-bright-red-kokanee-salmon-this-fall.html