A culvert, with water running through it, at Dalton Creek in Morgan County

Photo credit: Trout Unlimited

DWR, UDOT partnership helps wildlife safely migrate across the state

Posted Jan. 3, 2022

“The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Utah Department of Transportation, as well as other partners, are working hard to reduce wildlife/vehicle collisions around the state and to help wildlife and fish make important annual migrations. …

“Utah made history when it completed the first wildlife overpass in the U.S. in 1975 on I-15 near Beaver. Since then, more than 60 wildlife crossings have been installed throughout the state. …

“Studies have shown there is a 90% reduction in wildlife/vehicle collisions when there is a crossing structure and fence in the area, so the DWR has been working with UDOT to identify areas where migration routes cross roadways and these solutions can be implemented.”

Read more at https://wildlife.utah.gov/news/utah-wildlife-news/1340-dwr-udot-partnership-helps-wildlife-safely-migrate-across-the-state.html